What do you wish?

“Hey, how are you?” Certainlly you have already been  approached with this question today, and maybe not just once, but two or three times. This approach usually makes us reflect on our current state, our current problems, our difficulties and rare time of our successes. Day after day, friends, coworkers and our relatives forces us to think about how we are in this moment of life. Years and years looking only at the past or present, seeing the mistakes and the successes.

How can we get out of these situations if during most of our lives we are not encouraged to think where we would like to get? What we want to do and what our goals are? How would it be if we approached people with “Hey Angelo, how long? Tell me, what are your plans for this next year?”. It would be strange at first, but it would certainly take the conversation to another level. We would use our conversations and gathering no longer to mourn our daily difficulties but to strengthen our goals. And, who knows, with new advices or a new ideas.

Why do we hide our dreams, wishes and goals, but throw our dificulties and regrets wide open for everyone? It´s so easy to talk about today and so difficult to draw the future. For some time, I have put this attitude into practice, I have met some friends and approached them with this question “What do you wish? ”. Their facial and body reaction is immediate. First the astonishment, seconds later the discomfort and at last the person connects with the future and then reveals a brigth in the eyes, a smile, a well being. You take them to another level of consciousness. They look into themselves and regain hope and motivation. The change is amazing. The content of the conversations is diferent, the energy of speech, the emotional state.

We spend our day to overcome the obstacles of the present, and too little time, or almost nothing, to look at the future.

So what, what do you wish?


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