How long are you going to postpone your dreams?

What if you could reach all your goals? What if you could create a process through which your results are constantly achieved?

What if you could trace new ways, new routes, new solutions? Your mind expanded and you could see all the resources you have available and where to look for the ones you lack of.

What if you stopped focusing on the problems and focused on the solutions. If every step you took was a step closer to your dream. If you could set your goals today and if you could have the motivation to make them come true  every day. What if you could feel the pleasure of having your dream come true. What would you feel, see or hear?

The pain of regret is infinitely greater than the pain of discipline. Learn to stay focused and accomplish. Free yourself from fear and everything you believe that is not possible. If the impossible existed, what would you do now? If you know what you wish then you can do it.

What is missing for you to reach the top?

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