Define Your Personal Purpose

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Start by your personal purpose, how you see the world. Start by “why”.For a long time I’ve felt lost, demotivated, with an existential emptiness. I tried to fill the emptiness looking for something to do. I changed professions, tried something new, took courses, got involved with different social groups. I was constantly trying to figure out what to do.Defining what I would do, I’d dive into “how to do it”, where to work, what are the best resources, techniques, tools, ways. A momentary motivation filled me in and then it was gone, it emptied out. Again, the feeling of emptiness and frustration prevailed. If you don’t know where to go, any path will do.

I noticed that the conscious way that my mind was taking me was: find out what you’re going to do first and later how to do it. This way you will find the reason why you are doing, you’ll find a purpose, a goal. But this way only led me to dead ends. For a long time I worked my way unsuccessfully, harvesting frustrations. And all this happened because I didn’t have the guts to define a purpose, I thought that this definition should be given by life, by fate or by some divinity. I thought I would find this purpose focusing on searching what to do.

At this moment I decided to define a purpose of my own, only mine. The one who should write my worldview, my mission, was me and no one else. I decided to become proactive towards my destiny. I determined that I would start from “why”. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why do I want to work? Why do I want to be useful? And then look for how to do it, and what to do. I inverted the process. It’s no longer what to do, how to do. But why? How? What?.

The motivation was born, happiness sprouted, faith bloomed, conviction arose. I noticed that great leaders, the great personalities, great professionals, the passionate ones have a clear view of their “why”. For them, all the life derives from its purpose and not the other way around. Today my life is aligned with my personal purpose, I took over the reins of my destiny. Now I know which way to go because I know where I want to get.

If you still don’t have a clear purpose, define it now. It should be a positive purpose. It should be a purpose of BEING and not HAVING. For instance: “I’m a writer because I want to buy a car”, can’t do. It has to be something that is a worldview, a bigger purpose that is beyond you. Something like: “I’m a writer because I want people to be able to increase their self-knowledge through my texts, and that they can reflect, improve, develop. I wish my texts to be a spark in the dark.”

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