Create your Strategy for Success!

Texto em português Clique aqui Think about it, many times we want something so strong, we wish from deep inside our hearts, we see clearlywhat we want, but we don’t even know where to start. We can’t take the first step, we get immobilized. Wedon’t establish actions and priorities, we lack focus. 

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Define Your Personal Purpose

Texto em português clique aqui.   Start by your personal purpose, how you see the world. Start by “why”.For a long time I’ve felt lost, demotivated, with an existential emptiness. I tried to fill the emptiness looking for something to do. I changed professions, tried something new, took courses, got involved with different social groups. […]

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What do you wish?

“Hey, how are you?” Certainlly you have already been  approached with this question today, and maybe not just once, but two or three times. This approach usually makes us reflect on our current state, our current problems, our difficulties and rare time of our successes. Day after day, friends, coworkers and our relatives forces us […]

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